• Ever wonder just how much your car is really costing you? Keep forgetting when you are supposed to perform routine service? Want to see how your fuel economy is over time? CarTune can easily help you do all of these things. Simply create an entry every time you take your car in for repairs, perform service or fill up at the pump and it will all be stored for you to refer back to later. You can even add notes to each item so that you can remember any extra details!
  • Features:
  • Configuration of measurement units to allow for combinations of Gallons (UK/US), Litres, Miles and Kilometers
  • Calculation of refueling values - enter 2 of the required values, the 3rd will be calculated
  • Schedule unlimited service reminders!
  • Easily see changes in gas price and fuel economy with icons in the fuel log
  • View when the next upcoming service is due without digging around
  • Keep a full record of all repairs performed for later reference
  • Now available on the iTunes app store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch