SWTOR Quartermaster HD

  • Meet the Quartermaster. His sole purpose is to come with you everywhere you go to provide you detailed information on all the items you can acquire on your travels through The Old Republic. He will even tell you how to make the items or who to give them to if you ask nicely. All that knowledge, right on your iPad in beautiful HD. Use it wisely.
  • Features:
  • Data Updates via the internet as they become available!!
  • A full offline database of every single item to be found in Star Wars: The Old Republic!
  • Mark your favorite items so you can find them easily!
  • Detailed information on schematics, item sets and even who to give gifts to for maximum results!
  • Graphics used can be pre-loaded or retrieved and saved as needed!
  • Beautiful and user friendly interface!
  • Now available on the iTunes app store for the iPad