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SWTOR Skill Build Calculator 1.2.4 update is now out!
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Author:  Silus [ Fri May 18, 2012 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  SWTOR Skill Build Calculator 1.2.4 update is now out!

The latest update to SWTOR Skill Build Calculator is now available on the iTunes App Store!

Changes included in this update include:
Multi-language support
We have been holding onto the French and German localizations for all the skill information for awhile. With this update, we are putting it to use for our users who prefer to read German or French.

Sharing saved builds
For those of you who want to show off your plan to your friends, we have made it much easier now (and without involving giving them your phone to look at it). There is now an "Email a Build to a Friend" option in the Save/Load dropdown menu. With this option you can select one of your saved builds and email it to anyone you want. The person you email the build to can click on the build in the profile and it will be imported into their copy of SWTOR Skill Build Calculator for them to view.

Skill List
In addition to correcting the embarassing oversight of forgetting to include active skills gained through the skill trees in the skill list, we have also added highlighting of these skills. The skills that are obtained via the skill trees will show up Yellow in the list now.

Sort options
The skill lists can now be sorted by level the skill is obtained as well as alphabetically. One important note on this though. The game considers all skills gained through trees to be obtainable at level 1 so those will all shift to the top of the list before any trained abilities.

Information page
Addition of an instructional usage page that can be reached from the information page.

Skill Trees
Ability descriptions
We have made the ability description now display the current and next rank information when applicable. If no points have been spent, only next rank will be shown. If the ability is maxed out, only the current rank information is displayed.

We are gearing up for some exciting new features in the next updates, including making SWTOR Skill Build Calculator a universal app. We thank all of you for your continued support. SWTOR Skill Build Calculator would not be where it is today without it.

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